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U-Pick Guidelines

Getting to the orchard

We are located at 177281 Bedard Road, in New Liskeard, Ontario.


Once you get to the farm gate continue to the left and park your vehicle in the Visitor Parking area. A handicap parking section is available.


It costs $8.00 per pound. We accept cash and email money transfers. When you are finished picking all of your delicious berries, please make your way back to the white tent. We will do a final weigh-out and accept payment.

What to bring

Wear shoes that have a soft sole to help protect the plastic ground cover. We suggest that you wear a hat, sunscreen, and maybe bring bug spray. There are times of the day when the bugs are out. You may want to bring a pad to kneel on or a small footstool to make picking more comfortable. You are welcome to bring a wagon to help carry all your items. The rows are wide enough.


For the safety of everyone, customers will not be able to bring their own containers. To respect COVID-19 guidelines and policies, everyone must purchase our containers that are reasonably priced. Please do not ask for any exceptions. Pick up baskets on your way in and pay for them on the way out. Fill your baskets as much as you want.

Where to go when you arrive

After you’ve parked your car, walk to the white tent to purchase your basket. Our staff will direct you to a row in the orchard.

U-Pick Etiquette

Covid precautions

When you reach the tent, please follow the posted instructions and current COVID-19 policies. There is hand sanitizer, and markings on the ground to help maintain physical distancing. Please be patient with our staff, you may have to wait a little longer while we assign rows. When you head to the orchard, please allow our staff and other customers the required six feet of distance. We will be assigning rows in ways to give each customer their own space. If you meet up with another customer, please work around them in a way to properly allow you and them enough space. Each group of friends or family will be given one row to pick. Please stick to your row. You are allowed to bring your children but they must be with you at all times. Please keep them from touching anything that is not necessary. Our staff will not be allowed to carry any of your baskets out of the orchard.


Pick all fruit on the plant before moving on to the next one. Make sure to stay in the row that you have been assigned. We know the fruit in the other rows look really good but we decide when it’s time to pick them. Please be gentle on the plastic that you see under the plants, it tears easily and we need it for weed control.


If you see weeds in the rows, please do not remove them. We know you’re just trying to be helpful. We have people trained to remove them without damaging the plants.

U-Pick is open

We will announce picking dates as berries ripen. We will be posting dates and times on our website and on social media (Facebook and Instagram). Look for the “OPEN” sign on the highway sign.


There are no pets allowed in the orchard. The parking area is not shaded so please don’t bring your pets and leave them in your car.


Smoking is not permitted in the orchard.